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Massage therapy is integral to the maintenance of your health.  This long-respected healing art dates back thousands of years and spans the globe.  The first written records of massage date back 3,000 years to China, although the use of touch to heal and soothe extends to the farthest reaches of the human experience.  Our work helps to enhance your well-being and resist illness by improving blood circulation and promoting relief from the pain and discomfort caused by everyday stress.  We draw upon many methods of massage therapy:

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is now known as the “traditional” massage.  It includes kneading, friction, tapping, long gliding strokes, and shaking motions.  Massaging the skin, the body’s largest organ, sets up a chain reaction that produces a positive effect on all layers and systems of the body, making it effective against many ailments.  Rated medium.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is designed to reach the deepest portions of thick muscles, specifically the individual muscle fibers.  Using deep compression and friction along the grain of the muscle, its purpose is to un-stick muscle fibers and release both toxins and deeply held patterns of tension.  Rated deep.


Popularized by physiotherapist Eunice Inghram in the 1930s, this is an acupressure technique performed on the hands and feet and is based on the ancient oriental theory that meridian lines or pathways carry energy throughout the body.  Each zone of the body has a corresponding reflex point on the feet.  Ergo, stimulating that reflex point causes stimulation in the natural energy of the related organ.  Crystalline-type toxin deposits in the human body cause tenderness, indicating a dysfunction.  Pressure is applied to clear out such congestion and restore normal function.

Stone Therapy

Developed in the Midwest, United States for use in health spas, this technique utilizes smooth, water-polished stones that have been heated.  These stones are positioned on the body and gently moved about with light pressure, deeply relaxing the muscles. 

Pre-Natal Massage

Pregnancy places strong demands on a woman’s body and is a time to be nurtured and pampered.  This massage not only relieves the tension and aches caused by extra weight and a shift in bodily proportions. This procedure reduces swelling and soothes the nervous system, helping to reduce fatigue.

Myofascial Release

All muscles, arteries, bones and organs are held together by a tissue called fascia.  Developed in the late 1960’s, myofascial release works through manipulation of the fascia that connects and surrounds muscles.  Because the fascia is body-wide, a tension or trauma in one part of the body can affect another.  This network of bodily tissues responds to the trained touch, reducing inflammation, tension, and trauma. 

Benefits of Massage

Massage expedites the removal of metabolic waste products by working loose toxins that accumulate in deeper muscular tissue.  Loosening the connective muscular tissue also promotes healthy blood flow, and speeds the distribution of Lymph, oxygen, and essential nutrients throughout the body.  Additionally, the profound sense of relaxation induced by massage has benefits that are self-apparent.  Integrating massage into a routine that also includes regular exercise and good nutrition will produce an amazing number of tangible results.

Additional Benefits:  
  Relief of muscles tension and stiffness  
  Greater joint flexibility and range of motion  
  Reduced blood pressure  
  Relief from tension-related headaches and eye strain  
  Strengthened immune system  
  Increases sense of alertness without increasing stress  
  Raises capacity for clear thinking  
  Fosters a general feeling of well-being  
  Enhances self image  
  Reduces anxiety  

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